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About Us

People call us smart for numbering our cases.  It isn’t that we are really all that smart.  We just listen to our customers and our retailers.  Well, we are also a bit neurotic about organizing stuff.  We are bored to death of black, hate plastic and don’t want to carry a bag that looks like it came from a thrift store.  Do you?

In the beginning. . .There was no grand plan.  In fact, there was only a one way ticket to the other side of the world from Seattle.  After more than a decade working in the corporate world, Della spent five months traveling in Asia.  Her adventures took her to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the beaches of Thailand and ultimately the fabric markets of Vietnam.  While in Vietnam, Della fell in love with the vibrant colors and the fabrics.  Ok, she also fell in love with the food.  Since importing fresh Vietnamese food seemed like a bit of a challenge, she opted to import bags and fabric.

Della quickly discovered that knitters were looking for something more exciting than a brown paper sack or old tapestry bag to carry their knitting.

FAQ. Some Knitty Gritty Details.

Placing an Order

The  easiest way to place an order is through our website.  Our shopping cart is supported by Shopatron, Inc.  For more information on online ordering, please read our online Ordering Information

We do accept orders over the phone.  Please contact us directly at 877.733.5527 to place your order. 

Order Fulfillment

All orders placed online will be fulfilled either by one of our authorized retailers or della Q.

How Do I Care For My della Q Product

Learn how to care for our products by reading our Product Care section.


The Team. Two legged and four legged.

Bobbie Willgress
Customer Service and Operations Manager

Bobbie graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Business in December 2008.  She could have chosen to work for a big corporation that offered full "fringe" benefits including a receptionist, a technology department and real office chairs.  Instead, she chose to spend her time working with knitters from a small studio space where SHE is the receptionist and the technology department in addition to her normal duties. 

Coffee Drink of Choice:  Tall, non-fat, two Splenda with whipped cream latte - never without whipped cream

Favorite Pants:  Lululemon


Della Quimby
Just the One Who Pays the Bills

Della's business experince stems from nearly 10 years at Arthur Andersen (remember that company?) and five years at an online advertising agency.  Her fondest memories of her corporate life include pro-deals from her client Nike, extravagent Christmas parties with hosted bars and the steady paychecks.  She tries to forget some of the 20 hour days, the rude clients she wasn't allowed to fire and the no-pet work environment.

Coffee Drink of Choice:  Grande, non-fat hazelnut hot chocolate, no-whip, light on the hazelnut - no coffee please

Favorite Country Visited:  Tanzania




Lucky is a bit of a free-loader.  She doesn’t contribute much to the work day.  But, we love her anyway.  We simply serve as her doormen when she can’t decide if she wants to be in or out.  I should be clear, she isn’t my dog, she is my fiance's (he wanted me to say that).  But, I think she prefers hanging at della Q’s studio where the UPS folks give her treats. Her wags are like she has had too many Seattle lattes.



Freeloader #2

Mattie serves purely as entertainment to the two legged part of the team and as an annoyance to Lucky.  Mattie can find entertainment in the smallest things (e.g. a pen, a fly, an empty bag or Lucky's wagging tail).  Are we the fools if we find her brainless entertainment funny?

Vietnam Quilts. A few good things we try to do.

When you purchase a della Q product, a portion of your proceeds are donated to Vietnam Quilts, a non-profit organization that trains low-income and rural Vietnamese women in the art of quilting, and provides them with a means to a steady income.

Taking a multi-pronged approach in working with Vietnam Quilts, della Q offers a range of aid that benefits all aspects of the organization:      

Equipment -  della Q funded the purchase of a number of new embroidery machines as well as  funded the training on the new equipment.

Fabric - della Q donates excess fabric in signature vibrant colors and textures at the end of each season for use by the quilters.

- Vietnam Quilts recognizes their need to stay abreast of Western techniques in design and execution.  della Q is committed to partnering the organization with designers and industry insiders who can provide training and education.


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