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Product Care

Needle Case and Bag Care

Don't be afraid to use your della Q needle case and bag.   We know it is gorgeous, but it wants to be flaunted!

The best preventive care for your bag includes a quick coat of ScotchGard.  This treatment will repel most items and minimize staining.

Dry cleaning is not recommended for most products due to the special lining materials that provides structure to your della Q bag.

Eden drawstring pouches can be hand washed with minimal shrinkage.  A quick pass with the iron, and they will be good as new. 

Stain removal requires gentle dabbing with minimal water to avoid additional water stains.

Textile Care

Interface with light-weight fusible interfacing or finish edges to avoid fraying. Wash with mild detergent by hand or in front load machine. Dry flat. Iron on high setting.  Fabric will take on a vintage look after washing.  Avoid exposure to sunlight, as silk can easily become sun damaged.