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Lily Combo Case

Product Item #101-1

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USD$ 47.00

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  • Eighteen unnumbered pockets for straights and double points
  • Nine unnumbered pockets for circulars
  • Includes numbered tabs for customization
  • Open: 14.5" w x 15" h Closed: 15.5" x 6"
  • Taffeta silk and Poly Silk

Haven’t made the decision yet whether you like straights, circulars or double points? Maybe you like them all and want them in one case. This tri-fold case includes nine pockets in the center for circulars. The outer flaps hold 18 straights and/or double points. We know this is a common design, but our case holds more than most cases and it is far prettier! The case is tall enough for those needles that insist on being a bit too tall to fit in any other case.

The case does not include pre-sewn labels as we don't know what you will put in which pocket. However, we do include a set of knitting and crochet labels that you can attach yourself (via hand stitching or fabric glue). If you just want to be free of restrictions, don't use the labels!


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